Now Entering the Blogosphere…

Dear All,

After a year or so of contemplating blogging, I am finally committing!  You see it’s not that I mind talking or writing, it’s that I find it hard to believe my day-to-day might be exciting enough to read. This is my 1st post to see how all my future blog posts will look like. Yes, you haven’t guessed wrong! I am very new at this so please have a bit of patience as I am still learning… In time I will be posting about art, fashion, photography, design, brilliant people I know, charities, fundraisers, local events, reviews, giveaways, reader polls and topics, tips, contests, how-to’s, the crazy going ons of my life, of course HORSES and so much more. Maybe even have some amazing guest bloggers! I hope that you’ll find it all very educating, interesting and entertaining! Looking forward to making HORSING AROUND IN LA a blog that you will happily visit for some inspiration and maybe a laugh or two! So here I am jumping head first into the blogosphere!



Spring is one of my favorite times of year so I’m sure I will find lots to yatter on and start out blogging fairly faithfully, the above photo is of some amazing spring blooms in my own backyard. ❤


4 thoughts on “Now Entering the Blogosphere…

  1. What a great picture & first (2nd??) post!!! I actually did follow & subscribe last night, is it showing that yet for you? It says at the top of my screen I am ‘following’ you!;) ❤

  2. Welcome to the Blogosphere =) The key is to have fun, and share what you enjoy about life. People can relate, and that’s the fun part!

  3. Thanks ladies! I said 1st post since it’s my 1st post with words in it! lol But I do like pictures!! Maybe I could have a whole blog with just pictures!! I would be really good with that!! 😉

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