Where There’s a Will There’s a Way, Right?? Hour 1 of Day 1 of IWRT

Ok, so I went ahead and did it. I entered this Challenge sponsored by one of my fellow So Cal Lady bloggers. Go check it out; Wendy Will Blog— I Will Rock This Challenge.  I don’t know if my current job situation enticed me to want to do this (since work is beyond slow due to all the budget cuts in education lately among other things), or the fact that I have quite a few weddings, my grandparents 65th wedding anniversary parties to go to, and the summer just coming up in general and I would love to lose like a gazillion pounds, or my competitive spirit since I know this is something I could do well in, if I really decide to put the effort into it. I think it is a combination of all of these things together that pushed me over the edge to take the plunge and go for it.  This challenge started just over an hour ago on May 1st. It ends on July 1st.

I just finished (or am just finishing now I SHOULD say) my last soda I plan on having until this is over, or possibly longer. So HA! Yeah, we’ll see how that goes, right? I plan on drinking a LOT more water, and exercising more (hoping this challenge will give me more motivation to do so, instead of making an excuse not to get out and go to the gym or get outside) I usually have been going to the gym at least 3 days a week,  but would like to be going at least 5 now. Going out for less  Happy Hours and dinners will also help, I always make my own lunches for the most part, so that’s not an issue. Cutting back on the Starbucks would probably be ideal too I am thinking…. I’ve done this before, losing weight, so I know it is possible! I just need to find enough things to keep myself busy with.

One problem though…. this would all be PERFECT if it weren’t for my birthday being THIS THURSDAY on the 3rd! (See post below about all the TASTY YUMMY DELICOUSNESS you can get for your birthday MONTH) Plus how can I say no to all the happy hours and dinners with friends when it’s for my own BIRTHDAY? Looks like I will have to say no to a lot of the birthday goodies, but will still have a few things to go out and celebrate or opt for any healthy options there might be on the menu. I DO have to have one Pop Rock Margarita though!! Otherwise…. I WILL stick to just water!!! And CAKE! How can you say no to a piece of your own birthday cake, especially if its cheesecake? Seems pretty rude to me, if you refuse to take a piece of your own cake… 😉

I have to weigh in sometime today… So.Not.Looking.Forward.To.That 😛 If I don’t end up working today, I think I will spend the day at the gym. Get a head start on working off all those calories I will probably gain from any birthday festivities going on this next week. If I can just make it to May 7th, then I think I’ll be ok. Will take the whole not eating out part more seriously then replaced by much healthier options… 😉

Only 61 more days and 22 1/4 hours left to go… But who’s keeping track of that… Certainly NOT ME! 😉


10 thoughts on “Where There’s a Will There’s a Way, Right?? Hour 1 of Day 1 of IWRT

  1. Yay for more healthy eating!! You can do this =) And I think taking one day to indulge is okay (your birthday), as long as you’re not constantly doing it!

  2. We can do this! I am currently in the throes of a serious craving, but I’m pushing through until dinner. Although that cake picture above is going to do me in!

  3. Yay! Go EM GO! I think if you eat lightly on your festivity days, then after that stick to the diet, you will do great!!! I am trying to drink less too, so lets help eachother just do 1 pop rock drink this wk!;-)

  4. I am going through the same thing, trying to at least cut back on all the bad stuff. I love soda’s and I’m having a very difficult time with that. I hate eating healthy or anything to do with dieting, YUCK!! I don’t know if I will be able to completely cut out pop from my diet, I gotta have it sometimes, but I definitely need to cut back. I’ve gotten better, I think, but I need to drink lots more water and I need more calcium. I’m trying to just make it a weekend thing as a reward, or maybe once in a while have fountain soda, those are my favorites, lol. Dorito’s and Soda’s are my weaknesses. Anyway, I hope you have a much easier time than I have been having and keep us posted on how it goes.



  5. I know what you mean Sarah! I feel the same way! Wish I could eat whatever I wanted and NOT gain weight! Cutting back soda hasn’t been too hard to cut out, even though I still do crave it a little bit at times! It’s been a whole week so far without it! lol I have been drinking water mostly, but I still need to drink more of it! I just posted an update on the 1st weeks results!! 🙂

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