30 Day June Photo Challenge Catch Up!

OK, so I know I have been MIA the past few days for this challenge. I have been away at the River, thus have not had time to update daily my photos for this challenge. No, worries though, I am back now!! 🙂 So here are my photos.

Day 9: First Thing in the Morning










I LOVE getting up in the morning and waking up to this view at the river! ❤ This was taken this past weekend on 6/9/12.


Day 10: Pajamas










Nothing’s better than opening up presents on Christmas Day in your pajamas! Here our cat Moe is opening up his presents and you can tell by the expression on his face that he cannot wait to try out his new blanket!!








Moe enjoying  his new blanket.

Day 11: Procrastination








This is what happens when you procrastinate and leave your clean clothes on the floor… sooner or later some critter is going to come along and make themselves nice and cozy in your clean laundry… 😉

Day 12: Feet!








Friends feet at the beach on a nice summers day!










Of course I had to include some horse feet! No day would be complete without them!! ❤

Day 13: Books








I LOVE books!! Wish I had more time to read.

So there you have it. I am all caught up now. Until next time…. 😉


4 thoughts on “30 Day June Photo Challenge Catch Up!

  1. Cute photos!! lol… and yep, on the laundry, many a times I’ve left them out and the cats found them 😉 Minnow loves laying on our clothes *sigh*

  2. Love the book photo, are those your real bookshelves? Wow! I make time to read by having books in the bathroom and reading a few paragraphs here and there. It adds up!

    Just stopping by to say thanks for joining the blogathon!

  3. I love the photo of the feet in the water. What a great idea for a picture! Wish I would have thought of that when the kids were younger and then done one each time we visited the ocean.

    I am visiting from the blogger comment club- thanks for letting me visit.

  4. Thanks ladies! Kathleen, no my bookshelves aren’t quite that large! They are floor to ceiling bookshelves… but still not like this! LOL This was taken in the tiny city of Wolverton, MN at a restaurant called Victoria’s, a historical building. It used to be a schoolhouse, which my 92 year old grandfather had attended grade school in!! Sadly it is closed now. 😦 I LOVED going there though!!!
    Kerry–yeah, I think I’ve been taking feet pics since I was in middle school!! Always a fun pic to take! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you here again, and I will make sure to stop by and say hi on yours!! 😉

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