Celebrating 65 Years of Marriage!!

Wow!! 65 YEARS! 65 years ago today, my grandparents were married. They are both in their 90’s (well grandma will turn 90 on August 18th), they live on their own, grandpa still drives (grandma never got her driver’s license, but you’d never know that the way she like’s to be the “backseat driver!” LOL.  Grandma still waterskis on her birthday every year while Grandpa drives the boat for her. I know it’s only a matter of time before they will be needing some extra help and assistance with their living situation as I’ve started noticing some subtle things that in their old age they forget to do. But nevertheless, especially in today’s day and age when all you hear of is everyone getting divorces, I think it’s something we need to hear more of is things like this! 65 years calls for a celebration, which celebrate they love to do!  They already had their California Party to celebrate this milestone in Long Beach, CA at Khoury’s in the Los Alamitos Bay. It was a beautiful lunch and presentation of memories, stories, laughter and slide show of them through the years with friends and family and of course what would a party be without CAKE?? 🙂 HAPPY 65th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY GRANDMA AND GRANDPA!!!! Here’s to 65 years more of love and laughter for you two. ❤

June 21st, 1947-June 21st, 2012 Celebrating 65 Years together!




























The happy couple on their wedding day, June 21st, 1947 .




















65 years later, still happily married!!! ❤


3 thoughts on “Celebrating 65 Years of Marriage!!

  1. Wow, they look wonderful for being in their 90’s. My husband’s grandparents lived well into their 90’s as well. If I live to celebrate my 65th anniversary I’ll be 96.

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